Just a few dreamy photos

Oh hello there! I'm Mindy. I usually photograph live comedy shows or portraits for comedians. These are some of my favorite photos that have never had a home online because they don't fit into comedy coverage in any way. Moments in between comedy shows and portrait sessions. Or on a trip home to Alabama. I think they'd be cute on your wall! 

While we're all at home now, more than... ever, this seemed like a nice time to offer, as my mom would say, "Just some pretty pictures for once."

These photos from the archives are printed in the UK and shipped to you with a cute official certificate that tells you what number in the edition of prints you've got in your hot lil hands. There are only 125 of each size. We won't be doing any other prints of these images. They also won't be any of the art shows or books we do about comedy, obviously. So, enjoy 'em now!